Formas de Pedra

Tell us what you see.
We will make it happen.

Tell us what you see. We will make it happen.

The production management of artistic projects has been performed with great enthusiasm, during the past few years, by Formas de Pedra. Open to new partnerships and challenges, your vision will be accomplished with dedication and excellence. Tell us what you see.

Imagining the future, stone by stone.

Formas de Pedra imagines, produces and develops their own projects of equipment and new products. Dedicated to the urgent good management of mineral resources, to the circularity of products and to the use of natural materials, Formas de Pedra creates smarble – a new product that results from aggregating small pieces of marble classified as rubbish.

Egg Plate



Line Tray

Square Tray


Aslant Plate

Galaxy Plate

Fire Plate

Wave Tray