The Company

Formas de Pedra is a family company, founded in 2008, with the intention of keep on the marble extraction activity that has been following the family for 2 generations, taking advantage of all the knowledge in this craft.

Since its creation, the company has as its mission:

  • Value the use of marble as a construction and decoration material, having in mind the technical and aesthetic excellency of this natural stone;
  • Design and develop new techniques and processes for marble coating and its blend with other materials, with the goal of enhancing its aesthetics and functionality.

Initially, the main company goals were:

  • Scheduling the phases of the marble extraction;
  • Capitalizing the production means, through an efficient resource allocation in the marble extraction;
  • Continuous qualification of its work force.

From 2015, the company added to its goals:

  • The qualification of its extraction effluents (that is, the raw materials without the necessary dimensions or shape, to be used in construction), using them to build design equipment, hence contributing to the sustainability of the natural resources;
  • Improvement of the processes that control the stone extraction, aiming to increase the quality of the extracted raw materials, following the international rules;
  • The design and development of new techniques and processes for coating marble and its blending with other materials;
  • The internationalization of the company, aiming to enter markets with higher economic growth, through the attendance in construction materials and design equipment events and exhibitions, and in the involvement in enterprise missions.