Formas de Pedra

A house

The story begins in the early 40’s of the twentieth century with Irmãos Moucheira – enterprise that extracted and transformed lioz (limestone) and marble. From the 80’s on, the extraction continues by the name of Moucheira Mármores e Cantarias. Formas de Pedra is founded in 2008 with the goal of continuing the marble extraction although with a different understanding of the activity, in what related to the products and management of the raw material, for instance. Valuing all marble is an omnipresent objective that regulates and commands every project.

of stone.

Initially, in addition to the extraction, Formas de Pedra, focused on the creation of new uses for the marble, such as the production of objects for the table. Also developed a study for a new marble coating – Veinstone – that introduces a bas-relief texture according to its natural patterns. Today, Formas de Pedra’s mission is to extract with respect for the marble, adding value and circularity, in a differentiated and innovative way, independently of the use this singular and metamorphic raw material can have.

Clients & Collabs

Sam Baron
Sergio Prieto
Jasper Morrison
Michael Anastassiades
Bela Silva
Jean Porsche
Pepe Leal
Beatriz Silveira
Studio Gameiro
Around the tree
Ele Room
Erico Navazo


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